Rosie's 1st Birthday and a little DIY

Rosie turned 1 a few weeks ago! Hard to believe a year has gone by - but I'm sure every new parent says that. I always think hosting a party a few weeks/months after you move into a new house is the BEST way to get your shiz together. We had family coming in and some staying with us, so it was the perfect motivation.

I tried to keep things simple with her 1st birthday and make sure it would be fun for the adults. Basically -if I couldn't buy it at Target or Trader Joe's then I didn't buy it. Our plan had been to host the festivities in the front yard, but we got rained out. So the porch and the kitchen it was! 

We put all the drinks on the porch - everyone could grab something as they walked in. We kept it very simple out here - TJ's Sparkling Lemonade + White Wine spritzers and BLL + Shiner for the adults. 

Labels make everything feel a little more on purpose. I used the free online app Canva (an idiot proof version of photoshop) to label everything.

I love party favors! But they can add up quickly. I raided the dollar aisle for bubble wands at Target and picked up 3 packs of dark + milk chocolate from Trader Joe's and tied everything with a neon bow. Ribbon from walmart of all places!

Trader Joe's just happened to have bunches of pink peonies for a couple of bucks. I bought many bunches :) Reminded me of when peonies made their way to the bodegas in New York. You can't help but pick a few up! I placed these all around the house, some as bunches, some as singular flowers.

My mom sent this to me as an idea -pop corn in party hats! It's a thrifty party snack that works as part of your decor.

Using the IKEA fabric I mentioned last week, I made bunting that we used on the porch and the fire place. I used pinking shears so the edges didn't fray and strung them together with twine I had.  Also used hot glue to assemble the whole thing.

More popcorn party hats in the kitchen! 

Earlier in the week, I made strawberry cakes. They are basically out of the box with a little help from fresh strawberries and strawberry jello mix - they. are. the best! My go to baker friend, Laura of Uprising Cakes, advised to bake ahead and freeze them! She said all cakes taste more moist and dense after that. She was totally right. Not only did it speed up my day of prep, but the cakes were sooooo tasty! My mom whipped up cream cheese icing with a little left over strawberry jello mix and viola, some pretty pink party cakes! 

I heard Ina Garten say recently on one of her shows, "The key to hosting an easy party is to only make 2 things." Hey - If Ina limits herself to two things, then I'm with her! The only two things that were prepared (rather then poured into a bowl or sliced) were the Watermelon Feta & Mint Skewers and the Pea Mint Ricotta Crostini -both created by sweet Anna Watson Carl, of the Yellow Table. 

Both recipes were SO tasty and really easy to make. We've worked together in the past for an HGTV project and a Brooklyn Baby Shower - so anytime I get the chance to whip out one of her recipes, I know everyones in for a treat. All the other non-recipe items were from Trader Joes - watermelon, cheese straws, guilt free brownies and chips & cowboy salsa.

Simple recipes and a few DIY projects made for fun and easy party. Most importantly, it let us celebrate our sweet and spunky girl Rosie Flo!