Apartment 9A: Sneak Peek

I've been promising apartment pictures for a while, I know, I know. To hold us over, I have a sneak peek of the foyer. The before picture is mid-move. Needless to say, after playing musical rooms and adding a new roommate, the foyer got a little crazy.



Still a work in progress, but here is the after....


Not sure what that red vase is doing....

Proper detail pictures to come! Just wanted you to glance at the room as it sorts itself out!

West 70th - Erin's Restyle Part two

And now for the rest of Erin's 1 bedroom apartment restyle. Her bedroom was really fun to pull together. Being a small room with high ceilings, it lent itself to a clean and simple look. 

Here is the 'hallway' before:

Hallway After:

I will always love desks and bookshelves as sofa tables. Adds a good chunk of function to any room.

Here is the bedroom before:


See, told you it's simple. I found that headboard at Salvation Army of all places! BRAND NEW. Still in its packaging from Pottery Barn! You can find it online for $800, I purchased it for $150. Done deal.

I also had big plans to use my repurposed end tables on either side of her bed. But plans change when things don't fit! So instead, I tried them at the end of her bed where they were just right. The lines of those little tables almost mirror the lines of the headboard.

We pulled together new bedding from a hodge podge of different places.

Goodness that headboard is fab! I almost kept it for myself!

Finally, her living space and bedroom are cohesive, warm and lovely. Whew! Honestly - I'm relieved we're finished. Erin was so patient with the process and my randomly scheduled deliveries from Salvation Army and upholsterers! I'm proud of the end product and ready for the next project.

What a learning experience it was!


West 70th Street - Erin's Apartment Restyle

By day, I work in the corporate/creative/crazy world of advertising. As of lately, my time outside the office is spent doing side design and styling projects - some for myself and some for real live clients! My most recent side project adventure was spent helping Erin turn her lackluster one bedroom Upper West Side apartment into a livable and lovely home.

Luckily, she had great bones in place, i.e. a couch, mirrored furniture, coffee table and chairs galore. But her apartment lacked cohesion and warmth. I wanted to bring some personality into the space, as well as amping up the function of the room. A living room can be more than just a living room, and in New York City apartments, multi-function is key.

So here it goes....

Living Room Before - View One:

Living Room After - View One:

Recognize those Salvation Army lamps from Street Merch Monday?

That big round nautical mirror was also from SA. I thought it was a good find!

 All pillows were from Target and Laytners.

Oh my her chair! This was part of the chair + ottoman set I had recovered. Thankfully, the fabric was super affordable from fabric.com. Good thing, because the reupholstering was not :)


 Living Room Before - View Two:

Living Room After - View Two:

Just a glimpse of the Rust Zig Zag rug from West Elm. Can't get enough of that graphic pattern!

The ottoman! I had a fit over that little ottoman.

Below is a mirrored piece of furniture Erin previously owned. I did some minor sprucing...

Notice that Snow & Graham calendar? Erin will be able to refresh her framed art with the arrival of each new month. 

 Living Room Before - View Three:

Living Room After - View Three:

I picked up the two frames below from Housing Works. Their before and after was featured on coffee break craft this week!

 The table skirt is still a work in progress. Don't judge. Fabric was $5 a yard steal from fabric.com.

That is the main room. Bedroom is up next! 


The Lassiter's

My best friend Ivy and I have a very unique relationship. She is completely trusting in all my creative doings and even throws money in my direction to support the habit.

This holiday break was no exception. Before Ivy and Drew left on their honeymoon, she left me keys to her apartment and an envelope filled with all of the wedding gift cards they had received so far - which was a lot!

Her instruction: "Do whatever you want! Just head in the direction of non-bachelor pad. And organize what you can." 

I eagerly accepted the challenge from my ideal client and coerced my mom into helping. This is the kind of project we Flora girls LOVE. We thrive within the constraints of a budget, previously purchased furniture and needed organization. It's about taking what you have and making it work. In Ivy and Drew's case - the framework was there. They had already purchased and moved their bulk furniture pieces, i.e. bed, dresser, couch, chairs, etc. Thank goodness!

Our store focus was Pottery Barn, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Z Gallerie and Crate & Barrel. You can do a lot of damage within these stores!

My mom and I loved what the apartment evolved into, and I think Ivy & Drew were pretty happy as well! Let me show you what we did -







LIVING ROOM AFTER (I just love those PB Curtains):


This lamp was on sale at Pottery Barn! I don't know why, but I love when metallic meets organic.







(Just to give you some spacial context)






Walmart Lamps! LOVE them in their room.





And that about wraps it up! Hope you like the tour of the Lassiter's new digs as married folks!