First comes love, then comes Marriage!

Spent last week with my best friends from college so we could celebrate Ivy's wedding that's rounding the corner! There are 13 of us, and because 7 of the 13 are already married, we wanted to give this bachelorette weekend a different feel. So we themed it out. Like way out.

Welcome to our Junior High Slumber Party!
**All Photos taken by J. Rawlings Photography**

Our focal point. We made paper chains out of scrapbook paper and rigged a pink sheet to become our 'lingerie opening tent!'

We flew Laura in to make our cupcakes.
Kidding. But in all seriousness, she is the best baker.

I used pieces of cardboard and left over fabric to craft the 'Ivy + Drew' centerpiece. I'm all about working with what you have.

For dinner, we picked up dough from Whole Foods and made a variety of pizzas. Soo good.

Drinks: Roy Rojers and Shirley Temples.

Our Junior High Spread of candy, pizza and coke!

Jess and I packaged smore's for later in the evening. What is it about individually wrapped things that is so darn cute?

Oh, we had LeighAnn, the graphic designer of the group, make labels for each item. Her skills are ridiculous.

And here she is. The engaged girl!

I came up with a new rendition of "Spin the Bottle" and LeighAnn made it happen. Ivy spun the bottle, it would land on a face, the person whose face it landed would draw out of a basket filled with questions and answers we asked Drew, if Ivy got it right, she'd spin again, if she got it wrong, she'd have to face the consequences.... ha ha ha! But trust me, the consequences were not bad!

A junior high party isn't complete with out a game of Twister!!

And our group would NOT be the same without our Melanie. She's living in Hong Kong with her husband. We skyped her in :)

It was a fantastic weekend. Thank you Jess for being such a gracious host and Leegs for rolling with the punches. Happy wedding Ivy! I love my friends.

All Photographs taken by Jessica Rawlings of J. Rawlings Photography.

Holy Cow

Ivy sent this story out yesterday to 13auburnfriends in lieu of her boyfriend, Drew's, Birthday.
This story is one of my favorites. Personalities and character shine blindingly bright. I'm so glad Ivy gave me permission to share.

You should know that Tom and Cathy are Drew's Parents.
Sweet is Ivy's mom.
I think thats all the back story you need. Grab a tissue.
I'm just sayin'.

When Tom and Cathy realized they could not have children they began saving the $15,000 it takes to adopt a baby through Buckner. They saved just the amount by January 1984, which was around the same time Richardson First Baptist was campaigning to move buildings. Tom was sitting in church and felt that God wanted him to put the $15,000 towards the new building campaign. He boldly told Cathy, “We need to give the money to the church, and if we are supposed to adopt God will provide us another $15,000.” Cathy hesitantly followed his lead. She probably cared more about a baby than a church building with a taller steeple.

About that time Tom was put on a short assignment in Lubbock, TX with Texas Instruments. Within six months this new assignment provided the Lassiters with an extra $15,000. They were placed on Buckner's adoption waiting list. On July 30, 1984 Drew was born.

Eight days later Tom and Cathy brought their new baby home. In typical baptist church fashion Sweet Hopkins prepared a southern meal (in the kitchen that Tom and Cathy use today) and took it to the happy new parents. Cathy said, 'Sweet, you did not have to bring us any food. I am just fine - I didn't have a baby.' Sweet, with her hands on her hips, matter of factly said, 'Cathy, that is ridiculous. Every other new mother gets a weeks worth of food brought to their house. You should too. ' Cathy still remembers the only meal that was brought to their house in celebration of their new baby boy.

Ten months later Sweet had a baby named Ivy.

Twenty three years later Drew and Ivy started dating.