Street Merch: Plano, Texas

Fairly often, I get asked if you can find Street Merch in places other than Manhattan. The answer.... YES!

Melissa & Debbie, a high school friend of mine and her mom, proved exactly that! They found this dresser sitting on the side of the road after a family was moving our of their house in Plano, Texas. Doesn't its just look Texas to you? It does to me!

Melissa and I took art classes together in High School and were both on the drill team. And we have the same hair. I WISH I had a drill team picture of us from high school. Do you know what that is? We were a dance team of 75 girls who performed during halftime at Football & Basketball games. We wore sequined leotards, sequined skirts, sequined cowboy hats and white cowboy boots. I kid you not. I've got to find a picture. Crazy enough, those outfits were pretty normal for dance teams in Texas! It's only living in New York that I realize how special we must have looked :)

Thanks Martin ladies for sharing your suburban street merch find!

Street Merch: Finally, a Bar Cart After

Ages ago I found this Bar Cart on the street - 70th & Columbus to be exact! I wrote about my grand ideas for the cart, but never really followed up with after pictures..... whoops. So here's to tying up loose ends! Onto the bar cart. Here's the before picture - lets pretend we don't see mounds of trash bags....

 I primed....

And spray painted shiny Gloss Navy paint...

And here's what I ended up with!

I picked out some Waverly fabric from and cut to size. I used Matte Medium to adhere it to shelves of the bar cart. Here's the after!

Those magazines are precariously leaning...

Still want to replace the wheels on the cart. Don't look too closely!

Pardon the not so great pictures! Thanks for being patient with this long overdue after!

street merch, is that you?

I think Street Merch is finally resurfacing!! It's been a while since I've seen merch worth posting, but I thought this piece had potential. Ran across this at 44th and 9th avenue.  Wasn't able to pick it up, but I did think it was interesting!

Have you found anything lately?

@jhmorrell did in San Francisco! This note makes me laugh. Especially that pink marker drawn border around the edge of the note. Really does a lot, don't you think?

*Remember to be aware of upholstered pieces!

Street Merch Monday: 70th & Columbus

I'd like to re-enact what happened while I was leaving Erin's apartment the other night. I was on the phone with my mom when it all went down. I present todays Street Merch as a visual reference for you:


Hannah: Well I just had my final meeting with Erin and it went really great!

Mom: Oh good! I can't wait to see more pictures. I'm glad everything worked out! What are you doing now?

Hannah: Me too! Oh, I'm just walking home and wait..... what is.... hold on mom...

Mom: What is it?

Hannah: Well I think... hold on, let me move the bags of trash...

Mom: What???

Hannah: Street Merch.

Mom: Oh. What is it?? Can you take a picture?

Hannah: Yea. Hold on, let me just get this bag of trash moved over. Sick. Ok. It's a retro looking bar cart. Or a really crazy overhead projector cart thing. Hm. Shoot. Should I get it?

Mom: Well?? Maybe. Do you see a cab?

Hannah: No. I have to get it, don't I? Ughhhhhhhh.

(At this point, my mom is dying laughing at me. These Street Merch phone exchanges happen all the time between us.)

Mom: Hahaaaa. Just get a cab! 

(I rustle around and end up manhandling the cart.)

Hannah: Well now I've picked it up and am walking down the street. Damn Street Merch. I feel RIDICULOUS!!!

Mom: Hahahahahahahahahahaha

Hannah: Why do I always do this?! I look like a freak carrying this cart under my arm, down the street, in the freezing cold, while I'm on the phone.

Mom: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa

Hannah: Good grief. TAXI! gottagoloveyoubye!!!

And here it is. An absolutely rank little cart, packed into the back of a cab with me. The cab driver wasn't thrilled. Doesn't look like much now. In fact, I'm kinda getting grossed out looking at that picture - but just WAIT for the transformation. I've got a good feeling about it. 

**Honestly - this is the precedent most of my Street-Merch-finds follow. I never expect it. I'm usually in the middle of doing something else. And I'm often on the phone with my mom.

***And sometimes I cuss. I'm sorry I said damn. But sometimes, it's just called for. 


Street Merch Monday: After's

Hello! Hi! How are ya?

Happy Street Merch Monday! Remember this post? Well, homegirl finally has some legitimate Afters to share with you! 

Here are the before pictures of my Two for Twenty lamp bases from Salvation Army:

And here they are after!

2 failed Sage Green spray paint attempts, plus 2 coats of gloss sage paint out of a gallon, left me with just the robins egg blue/green I was hoping for.

Now you didn't forget those retro Brady Bunch side tables, did you?

Here they are before:



I'm really into Bone white right now. I used Benjamin Moore satin paint in Bone and a mix of Anthropologie and Home Depot hardware. My favorite part of the side tables are those darling traditional looking legs. Ah!

Here is the Anthropologie hardware up close - only six bucks!

Thanks for being patient! This week, I'll have pictures of the apartment where the lamps and side tables are now living! Can't WAIT to show you.