it's a baby shower! (and a little diy)

Hold up. Not for us, silly! For my dear friend Krista. 

A few months ago I helped host Krista's baby shower with a handful of other friends. We hosted at my Brooklyn Apartment and had a 'Texas Forever' theme going, as Krista LOVES Friday Night Lights and Texas and really Austin and boots and well, you get the idea.

Here's mom-to-be and most of the hosts!

Do you remember my friend LeighAnn? She is one of my wonderfully talented graphic design friends from college who just happens to now live in New York with her husband. She was in charge of type & print and went to town on this baby shower! Check out the "Luke Worksheet" she made for us to fill out during the shower! Not only is this a great shower activity that isn't cheesy and awkward, but the responses everyone left were just hilarious.

LeighAnn also made labels for everything, which makes the most mundane stuff (i.e. fruit salad) a little more adorable. 

These little flags are my favorite! As well as those San Pelligrino's back there . . .

A few weeks before the shower, we set up a google doc with all the pertinent details (menu, location, attendees, etc). All of the hosts filled in the spots they wanted to handle (drinks, food, cutlery, etc!) and brought accordingly. It made our prep super easy and organized.

Forget the cupcakes, Magnolia Bakery Banana Pudding is where it's at! 

There are those little flags again!"We Love Luke" is so collegiate to me, which is totally fitting for football loving Krista!

Lots of blue balloons . . .

 The one diy project I incorporated was a Onesie Garland (or whatever you want to call it). 

All I did was spell out L-U-K-E using mailbox label stickers and cork coasters. I painted a few coats of yellow paint and then peeled the letters off. 

After securing some bakers twine to the mantle with pushpins, I attached the onesies and cork coasters with clothespins and voila! A baby shower onesie garland. And that is a mouthful!

We had a great time celebrating our friend and baby boy! Would you believe that baby boy is now over 3 months old!  Love you Luke Hudson.


I'm working with a client good friend right now who is trying to get that 'finished' look for her newlywed apartment in Tribeca. She and her husband have great taste and have already covered off on all the big purchases. So the bones are there, which is often the hardest part. 

A big focus of mine will the bare walls! Finding frames and art and well, just about anything, to cover your walls can be daunting.  Recently, I used $5 wallpaper samples and large frames from Pottery Barn in this apartment  to fill the large wall behind a clients sofa. Easy solution right? 

Well this morning, I was roaming around the Mark & Graham site, wondering what Brooklyn Boy would think about adding more monograms to our life, and stumbled upon a few sets of darling paper placemates (set of 50) for under $20. Then I thought, these are too cute to just be placemats, what if I framed them? Wow, my train of thought is mind blowing . . . not. 

I would buy a set of placemats and 3 - 10 frames to create some serious repetition on a major wall. These are my picks:

Crab PaperLee Gallery Frame 

Gold ChevronGilt Oversized Frame

The framing will always be more expensive then wallpaper, placemats and wrapping paper, but you can also find thriftier options at places like IKEA and Target! 

how to throw a mani/pedi party

I don't know about you, but this spring and summer have been filled with weddings!  One of my absolute favorite pre wedding events that I've both attended, thrown and had thrown for me is a Mani/Pedi Party. It's an easy way to 'gift' the bride and her bridesmaids with a little sprucing up right before the wedding.

I wanted to do a little something for Brooklyn Boy's sister, who's wedding we were just in Tulsa for, and decided the 'Nail Party' was just the thing. This way, I didn't have to worry about hosting at someone's house or expensive venue, the 'entertainment' was getting our nails done (who doesn't love that!) and the salon we used was totally open to drinks and snacks. Done. 

Here are my tips and learnings for pulling off your own Mani Pedi Party!

1. Pick a place - Duh. Also, ask the manager about a group discount for all the party goers! 

2. Send out invites - I went down a very simple route for these invitations - I designed something online, screengrabed it and embedded it into an email to all the girls. As much as I LOVE printed invites, this was not the time for involved invitations and costly paper. It's important to know when ease + peace of mind should prevail! 

3. Decor - I roamed the aisles Target when I was in Dallas and got SO much cute Spritz Party stuff - and on sale! Couldn't believe it. Total - I spent about $20 at Target on wrapping paper (to cover the table), plates, napkins, cups, and cut paper streamers.

Look at some of these cute options!  

I just grabbed whatever was cute and colorful. No need for a formal theme. 

4. Party Favors - I'm a copy cat. Hey, there's no reason to reinvent the wheel! My sisters Nail Party was the last I had attended and we were gifted brightly colored flip flops with big bows on them. Simple, cute and affordable, especially if you catch Old Navy on $1 Flip flop day. Ours were 2 for $5 flip flops at Old Navy


Tied a big ole' bow and stacked them in a large basket, making them easy to transport too! 

 5. Sparklers & Snacks - What's more appropriate for an all girls shin dig then Mimosas and donut hole kabobs! I didn't want to deal with cutlery, so all of our snacks were finger friendly. 

This was a perfect little opportunity to try out Trader Joe's champagne and sparkling lemonade (non-alcoholic). Was totally pleased with the lovely bottles and the great taste!  And did I mention how cheap TJ's was?? 

Figured we should have something healthy, so I brought lots of fruit to munch on as well.

There you have it - an easy and fairly effortless party, thanks to Trader Joe's, Target and Old Navy!  

9A Then & Now

This past weekend, Brooklyn Boy and I made the quick drive down to Potomac, Maryland to see the last of my 4 original roommates from 9A get married! All 4 original roommates and their now husbands made it to the wedding! 

It's hard to even describe what it was like to live in our Upper West Side's 9A apartment, with these girls. To say the least, it was fun, hilarious, filled with baking and talking and Bachelorette watching, 1 shared bathroom, a kitchen always stocked with ingredients for dump cake, spotted with trips to visit family in DC, lots of time at the beach, Monday night Bible Study, a little write up about our apartment, and Joe, our delightfully pushy Yugoslavian super who was always worried we'd never get married . . . . If only Joe knew!

Taken in front of the sketch NJ motel we stayed in one summer - it was on the beach! 

Potomac, Maryland.

Eating banana pudding at Magnolia Bakery. 

And here we are this weekend past at Emily's wedding! 4 years later!

Love these girls and loved seeing them this weekend! To think what can happen over the course of a few years . . .