the proposal: part 2

This is the story of Brooklyn Boy planning and surprising the pants off me!! Which is hard do to - I'm SUCH a planner. And am usually pretty perceptive. Apparently not this go round. You can catch up on Part 1 right here if you like! Here we go with Part 2.

After dinner, Brooklyn Boy said he borrowed a friends apartment with a huge balcony and a view of the city. We were going to drink champagne and call our parents and just soak it all in! We took the elevator up to the 20 something floor and walked to the front door of the apartment. I heard tons of people inside.

"Bud, WHO is in there???" I thought, oh maybe our roommates or something??

Well, we walked in and saw BOTH of our families standing there. And lots and lots of friends.

The gigantic side note to all this is that my mom was in town earlier in the week for the Nate taping, but had FLOWN OUT on Thursday?!?! I knew she left, because my dad was taking her on a 30th Wedding Anniversary trip to California! I mean, come on! You can't just sneak this stuff by me - I'm pretty with it. Wink. Wink.

WELL little did I know, mom had packed her bags and left NY, i.e. brought her stuff down to the 6th floor of my building where our good family friends live and had been hiding out since Thursday!!!

My dad had flown up earlier that day - the whole 30th Wedding Anniversary story had been a ploy to fake me out!!! I had know idea I was so dense and gullible :) This picture below is probably my favorite!!!

Brooklyn Boy's parents had driven 7 hours that day to be there! His sweet sister had flown in earlier, too!

I. Was. Shocked.

He had it all planned to a T. You can see more of the ridiculously thoughtful details HERE.

Sister had already been in town with her boyfriend Mr. Plano Man. It was the biggest treat ever to have her in town. Sis & Mom are below. 


OH did I mention Brooklyn Boy had coordinated for 2 of my closest friends, Ivy & Erin, to fly up and be part of the night? A year or so before, I flew into Dallas for Ivy's surprise engagement to Drew!! It was just so special to have them both there.

Here's the view we had from this apartment balcony. Goodness!

Here's the whole gang! 


Look at little Norma (the dog)!

I'm overwhelmed just looking at all of these sweet people. They absolutely made the night!

Thanks to Karen Dickey for all the fabulous pictures.

You've got to check out the video Brooklyn Boy put together if you have time. As you may remember, we hunkered down all weekend because of the hurricane. We had tons of time to kill, so he compiled all the footage and made THIS video. I just love it :) And I suppose these posts are more for my benefit so I have everything written down in one place - so thanks for reading!