A little Sparkle

Organizing and storing jewelry can be tricky. With the help of my mom and sister, I have decided on these 3 options: 

Option 1: Mug O' Jewelry
Everyday bangles and bracelets.  All on the sprightly side.
(Next to the mug I have a dainty porcelain bird box. It was a gift from a dear friend. 
There you will find my very favorite jewelry!)

Option 2: Over Sized Glass Vase
I've gradually become a minimalist over the last few years and don't like keeping things I don't wear. This is a way to keep my spunky and sentimental pieces around. 
Functional storage meets decor. Yes please. 

Option 3: Clear Hangy Dealy
I do believe that is the proper term. My sister introduced me to this. I'm hooked. I used to have both sides filled. Not since the minimalist kick, though.
Keeps everything accessible and organized.