Had this past Friday off. Oh my. It was wonderful. My plans for the day? Waking up. Getting a massive coffee and hittin' the train. (Why doesn't that sound the same as Hittin' the Road?
The North Bound 1 Train took me to a place that I love. A place where I breathe a little easier.  A place that reminds me of home... 
Of course I'm talking about the Super Target in the Bronx. 

I spent hours quietly mingling down the isles of the Target. It was tremendously nice. Maybe it's the colorful variety at Target or even the signing of a new apartment lease.  But I'm suddenly in the mood to revamp.

Problem/Dissatisfied Area: Wall space above my bed

Materials: Scrapbooking paper, flat black spray paint, photographs (already matted and framed), a goofy fun clock

Method to the Madness:  See below...

 This started out as a gold framed mirror. Bla. I used flat black spray paint and some gold embellished scrap book paper to perk it up. 

I recently accumulated a few framed pieces of photography.  Love the photography that went into the above frame, but the birch wood Pottery Barn frame wasn't working. With a few coats of bright yellow enamel paint, I was headed in the right direction.

Sidenote: Its the same shade of glossy yellow that I painted this other mirror of mine. See above. 

Final look it well on its way. 

 (A lot going on, I realize)


Gave the big mat and frame in the middle a face lift by replacing an unremarkable photo with quirky red and white patterned paper.

Have a new headboard (Can day beads really have headboards) canvas covered in Ikea fabric.
One of my favorite things: Fabric stretched and stapled onto a frame, canvas, piece of wood...

And I didn't stop here. More revamping to come!