Meet my Crew

A good weekend is one that lingers past the perimeter of Sunday. Like the 13auburnfriends (minus one) reunion weekend in Mobile. It took days for the "I  miss the bay. I miss my friends" emails to die down. We can be so dramatic. Ha. 

Since then I've been thinking about my friends. All stitched together, we make a funny, sometimes hodgepodge, yet always cohesive group. I thought it best to introduce each one. The catch? I'm introducing them in the context of..... The Dating Pool.

Years ago, as my mom and I sat in the Philadelphia airport, waiting for our flight to New York, The Dating Pool was conceived.  I walked her through the framework and we tickledly* talked through each one of my friends and their role at The Dating Pool.

Think of it like this: In my mind, The Dating Pool is an actual swimming pool lined with lounge chairs and diving boards, swimmers, sun bathers, tricksters, bikinis, swim trunks and a variety of pool toys. 

Things to note: 
-Boyfriends and husbands will be found in the form of lifeguards, fellow swimmers and pool toys. 
-Every week I'll introduce another pool goer and their history, style and current status at the pool
-The Goal of the single gal: To get into the dating pool
-The Goal of the dating/married gal: To climb on out of the dating pool

So tomorrow, will be Meet My Crew Monday
Can't wait to introduce the first one!

*Tick-le-dly: To be tickled, to find something funny, giggly (Yes, I do believe I made this word up)