Meet My Crew Monday: Meet Lil' Kim

KIMBERLY, AKA Lil' Kim: Kimberly is often found running on the slick pavement around the perimeter of the pool. She'll stop occasionally for a Corona Light and some fried okra but this girl will do cartwheels off the diving board until she is blue in the face. Kim is happy to frolic in the pool, but is more entertained playing practical jokes on old ladies sunbathing in their lounge chairs. Despite her high activity level around the pool, she often dips her feet in the water to cool down. Kim is just waiting for someone who can make a bigger splash than hers. Can't wait to see who's up for the challenge!

*A note from the pool monitor: Kim is now making her way over to the stairs in the shallow end (ahem.... Tuscaloosa) to take a breather. I believe this is just the cue Kim's crazy pool partner needs to approach his one.