Brown Bag Lunch Revisited

Just the other night, I was sitting around the living room with roommates, friends and moms and somehow my love for hot dogs and macaroni and cheese surfaced. Which led us to this question: What did your mom pack in your school lunches when you were little?

I remember what my mom used to pack....

Middle School. Every lunch period was the same. I would sit down with my friends at a portable table with attached plastic seats, trying to ignore the school cafeteria smell. I would get out my rumpled brown paper sack and wonder what in the world I would find today. More often that not, I would find this:

A Hot Dog (with ketchup) wrapped in foil

A Can of Pepsi

A bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. 

For some reason, I was so embarrassed by this lunch! Don't know if it was the fact that I actually liked hot dogs or that they were wrapped in foil! Why not a pizza lunchable like the other kids?? Come on mom, I just want to blend!

In hindsight, that was a ridiculously cool lunch!! Seriously? My mom packed Hot Dogs and Pepsi?? What more could a squirty little 6th grader with frizzy curly hair want??

*This sounding familiar? Right. It's because I took it from the old blog. I'm in the process of meshing the two. Bare with me.