Meet My Crew Monday: Meet LeighAnn (aka Leegan)

After 16 years of being invited to play chicken with the boys in the shallow end, Leegan was tired of coming in 2nd, every time. While on the shoulders of her most promising partner, she was deceived into treading in the deep end with the canon-ball champion. This was not what she signed on for.After that Leegan spent the better part of her time at the pool doggy-paddling frantically, trying to stay afloat. Amazingly, she finally hoisted herself up out of the deep end, her one piece in tact. After toweling off, she made a VERY quick change into her first string bikini, determined to get noticed in her lounge chair, soaking up the sun. Almost simultaneously, she was blinded by a sparkling gold chain, and immediately tried to push the pool boy with blond highlights into the water, only to be pulled in with him. After realizing they were surprisingly awesome at synchronized swimming routines, they finally came up for air. They abandoned the pool, stopped at sonic, and headed, more permanently, for the beach.