Soup to Nuts

No real blogging purpose here today,except that I have a few random things I've been dying to share.

1) Have you read A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg? Or read her blog Orangette? I have.
C-Flo sent me both and suggested I take a peek. I have to tell you, I love this Molly Wizenberg. And I feel I've cheated by reading her book! Not really cheated. More that I've had way more one and one time with her than you. Ha! I know about her family, her favorite recipes, her time in Paris, her now husband. We are practically best friends. Actually, this is hardly the case. But it's like I've just gotten back from a road trip with her, sharing inside jokes and funny memories. Now, reading her blog, I find myself thinking, "Oh that husband of hers.... The restaurant is really coming together....... Ha! That sounds like Molly....."

2) You know the hot dog and pretzel guys in New York? The men with metal carts that sell hot sugary peanuts, expensive Cokes and pretty decent hot dogs. You know those men? Since moving to a new office building in the far west corner of Manhattan, I've noticed something. 47th street is the parking lot for these metal carts. I see loads of men every morning, wheeling the metals carts around, readying them for tourists, stocking them with hot dog buns and Swiss-Miss packets. I find this fascinating.

3) Speaking of Swiss Miss. Lately, I've loved concocting an afternoon pick me up out of the free things in the kitchen at work: Little bit of coffee, little bit of hot water, little bit of hot chocolate and a hearty splash of half and half. Yum.

4) I'm noticing 1-3 have all been food related. Big girl needs to calm down.

5) 13auburnfriends (minus Turner) are headed to Mary's wedding in Huntsville this weekend. Couldn't be more excited!

I think thats enough randomness for one morning.