Meet My Crew ...uh Tuesday? Meet Anne

ANNE A veteran swimmer. Anne can be seen wearing a preppy and conservative Vineyard Vines get up. Her worn Sperry's waiting patiently on the side, as she sits on the deep end/ shallow end floating divider. She generally enjoys the swimming process. Slipping into her suit, marching out to the deck, partaking in pool side beverages, gradually getting in sometimes and falling in other times. Since this January she's tried toweling off and getting some sun. But her chair wasn't very comfortable. She instead decided to jump back into the pool. She was midway through one of her most beautiful underwater flipturns when the accident happened. The pool boy accidentally knocked her unconscious with the pool sweeper. She was under the water for a long time before the other lifegaurds were able to pull her out. After a few nerve racking minutes, her breathing seems to be returning to normal. Anne is on her way to being just fine if not better than before. Word to the wise: Always wear goggles.