Uh Oh.

There is a new thrift/furniture/good will type place by my office. 47th and 10th, if you're really interested. I'd been wanting to stop in this hodge podge little place for a while.

Tonight, I finally did.

Can I just say.... JACKPOT!

This gunshot style no-name store has more delightful finds then 10 piles of New York City give- away-trash on the street. And you know how much I love furniture off the street. There were handfuls of gaudy gold frames hanging on a brick exposed wall. A dozen unique and fabulous mod lamps and shades. Unbelievable dressers and side tables and desks with styles ranging from vintage to country to full on antique. Plus, more sets of classic and playful chairs than I knew what to do with! I even saw an upholstered ottoman in good shape! Everything was so reasonably priced too! Dangit.

Now the disclaimer to all of these ridiculous finds: Almost every item I was so in love with needed a good coat of paint. Some need gloss laquer brights, other need flat muted neutrals. I just love unrefined beauty in need of a little tweaking. Something about all the potential gets me! Sure I love the integrity of natural wood, but I'm so not that girl who's afraid to liven things ups with paint, fabric, etc.

Wow. This post is letting you in on not only my quirkiness, but also my love for a good before and after. This store was LOADED with 'before's". If only I had room in my tiny bedroom to put all of these finds! Maybe I can squeeze a few pieces into the rest of the apartment. My poor roommates....

Friends, I feel a very crafty before and after phase coming on.

**This is probably such a boring post to read. Didn't even include pictures. Ha.