Whoa baby!

Just back from a weekend in South Carolina with my college friends to watch the First Time Design Episode that I was a part of. We sat down to watch the episode, Diet Coke's and Puppy Chow in tow. I was nervous. Like sweaty hands nervous. I mean, I remember the experience being GREAT! But what if I fabricated this wonderful experience in my head? What if the room didn't look great, and my outfits looked weird and I said 'like' and 'y'all' too much?? Thankfully I was surrounded by a bunch of out of control encouragers and made it through the episode.

How cute is Lisa?

If you missed the episode, you can watch it right here!

To all those who watched, emailed, prayed and encouraged


I could not and would not have done it with out you.

More pictures to come!