Street Merch Monday: Suburbia Edition

My family spent Thanksgiving in Houston with my dad's side of the family.  1 grandmother, 4 siblings + spouses and 11 grandkids. Makes for a full house - and we're a colorful bunch, mind you! Always makes for hilarious story telling - I cried from laughing so hard multiple times!  

My dad's youngest sister is pretty darn crafty. So I thought I'd share her Suburbia Street Merch! 

In normal cities and towns you have a house, on a lot, with a backyard and a fence. Oh the days of living in the south! Anyways, my aunt had the gate on her fence replaced. Here is the old 'throw away' gate she was left to deal with:

Instead of tossing it to the curb, she made Texas Yard Art with a little stenciling and spray paint!

To say we love our flag in Texas may be an understatement. 

Who says you can only find Street Merch in Manhattan? 

Great example of being resourceful with what you have, Aunt Chris!