Merch with a Purpose

Why is it so hard to think of a thoughtful and clever Christmas gift? Every year I have the hardest time deciding what to get my people - even with the darling Gift Guides that seem to swarm the blog scene this time of year. This season - lets try a new approach. Non-profits like Feed, Charity: Water, Tom's and Invisible Children are giving us a giant opportunity to be involved in something bigger. Through wild creativity and relevant design these 4 run and gun non-profits have created practical ways for you and me to be part of providing food, clean drinking water, new shoes and peace to third world countries all over the world. There are many ways to give and be involved. This season, why not browse through their online shops for merch with a purpose!



Charity Water


Toms Shoes



Invisible Children


Go now! Boss lady and a few co-workers are getting some of the above goodies for Christmas.

In case you were wondering.