Street Merch Wednesday: 89th & Broadway

Pardon Wednesday's appearance of Street Merch Monday!

Y'all, this might be the coolest piece of Street Merch to date. A few weeks ago, roommate Lindsay Ann left me a message saying, "You've gotta go look at the piece of furniture outside of our building!" So I went. And this was sitting there -

It's legit. This thing was old and so beautiful and in fairly good shape! I grabbed a friend and we maneuvered it downstairs to our ghetto fab courtyard I mentioned in the Cup of Tea story.

We were in a loud mood and decided on a Mustard Yellow meets Green Chartreuse color.

Here it is after:

We've got a lot of TBDW (to be dealt with) furniture in our foyer, so it's just living there for now. Soon it will be our TV/Entertainment unit! Any tech savvy boys want to help us with the re-wiring of our TV?

Ok. The hardware. The rustic steel pulls are Martha Stewart from Home Depot. I had other steel knobs on the top drawers, but it looked off. So I LUCKED into these hilarious and adorable knobs from Michael's Craft store, of all places, for guess who much . . . 50 cents each!!! Can't beat that.

I think I'll rough up the edges a little more, but I'm thrilled with this Street Merch Reno!