Lunch Break :: Ikea Online

I love Ikea. I do. Have since I was little.

I have memories of my family making the road trip down I45 to Houston to visit my dad's side of the family. After seeing them we would ALWAYS stop at 2 places on our way home: Woody's Smokehouse (to pick up beef jerky and cokes) and Ikea. My family of 5 would follow the dotted yellow line all over the store. An early personal favorite was the 500 square foot mock apartment. I think I knew then, that I would one day live in a petite and clever little space in the city. So today, on my lunch hour, I decided to peruse the virtual aisles of Ikea.

How cute and versatile is this? Use it in an entry way, by the bedside, in a bathroom...

This mirror is deceivingly large. Great over a bed. And that wood frame looks pretty paintable if you ask me.

Ok. Ignore the navy stripes. I think you could get major mileage out of this headboard. Seems really easy to recover.

Simple. Clean. Put this anywhere.

This is a Cindy Flora trick. My mom used rugs like this as window treatments in all the kids rooms growing up. She would fold over the top, sew a quick seam making one pocket tab across the top. Then she would use a tension rod to situate it at the top of the window. Using ribbon or fabric, she would fashion it into a roman shade or half moon valence thingy. Does that make any sense at all? I'll have to find a picture. But for $6.99, I can't think of a cuter/more affordable window treatment.

This is kind of crazy looking. But think of it as a boys headboard or giant message board or even a piece of art on the wall! Many possibilities.