Date with the city

Friday night I was introduced (via my friend Susan) to 2 things in the city:

1. Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery

  • Spunky and delicious flavors like faux coconut, pistachio and strawberry
  • CHEAP cupcakes ($1.50) and CHEAP coffee ($1.00!)
  • Warm, colorful, pedestrian and frayed edges interior
  • How did I not know about this place?
  • These cupcakes rival all other cupcake places in the city!

2. 190 Bowery

  • What is 190 Bowery? It's a huge striking concrete building straddling the corner of Bowery and Spring
  • 6 floors, 72 rooms, about 35,000 square feet.
  • Occupied by photographer Jay Miesel and his family. His family of 3.
  • The entire first floor exterior is covered in graffiti (see above picture)
  • Miesel bought the BUILDING, not an apartment or floor but the whole building, in 1966. It was originally a bank.
  • New York Mag tells us that Maisel uses the first, second, and third floors as gallery spaces for his photography and art projects. The fourth floor, which Maisel once rented out to Roy Lichtenstein, is a work-in-progress. The fifth has various workshops, like the Mylar-window-shade room.
  • My fascination with this place is stirred up by its discrete and mysterious nature. Even the graffiti adds to it's aloofness.

All pictures taken by Leigh Davis for NY Magazine.