Design on a Dime

What an experience! I have a few pictures to share with you from the Housing Works Design on a Dime event I went to, courtesy of Design*Sponge. There were more than 25 different designers who set up small vignette like rooms to showcase their own style. The space was packed with people and the rooms swarming with personality! You can view the Design*Sponge recap here, it's pretty fabulous!

I was in hog heaven. Embracing the freedom of being anonymous and getting in the zone, I walked and took pictures and walked and bumped into people and walked..... Here are the few things I saw -->

Not sure if this translates accurately in the picture, but there was a room covered in hand painted black and white images. Like the ones seen above. The perspective was even accurate! Not quite as kitschy as mural, but equally as interesting!

Love this repurposed looking table. A herringbone pattern was created with different pieces of blue painted and raw scrap (I think!) wood.

Interesting variation of a sofa or bedside table. Amazing what fresh flowers and a great bed spread will do.

I have a thing for metal. Especially in the form of chairs.

Love love love this chair. I'm looking around my room right now trying to find something to paint shiny black and recover in lime/mustard yellow. Dangit. I don't see anything.

This picture doesn't do justice to the clean white buffet and black and white photography collection. So classic. Can we just ignore the shadow of the person taking a picture with their iphone?

Mid-Century modern gets me every time. What a quirky and successful mix of a gold cube planter, fur rug, oval gray table, Ikat pillows and clean lined sofa.

Remember when Ty was the hunky carpenter on Trading Spaces? Good times. Along with Jaclyn Smith, Ty was a host of the event.

This is exactly what you're thinking. Don't be awkward. You bet I got a picture with Ty. I asked some random interior design girl hoovering around to take the picture. Ha.
Ok, so it's a little awkward. Oh. I thought about getting a picture with Jaclyn Smith, but y'all, she was SO beautiful! I couldn't work up the boldness! Next time Jackie.

I don't want to take my liking of chalkboard paint too far, but I did think this was a fun over the top variation.

Thanks again Design*Sponge!