Long Overdue!

Updates for you!

My dad and sister were in town last weekend for a project we are working on. The weekend was full of furniture, New York and schlepping. We had a ball! I'm sure this is annoyingly vague to read, but I'll have more details soon! For now I leave you with this picture of us with my dads head cut off. Thank you cab driver man for your photography skills.


This weekend, during our ambiguous furniture searching project, I picked up this promo. Housing Works is the coolest thrift-with-a-cause store. Seriously great stuff! I looked into the event, but it was out of my price range. Oh well, I'll watch from a distance!

But wait! Just the other day, I noticed Design*Sponge holding a contest for thrift store finds from their readers. The 5 winners get a ticket to the snazzy event! With 30 minutes left before the deadline last night, I applied! And.....

I was chosen! I'm the one in the yellow frame looking extra "photo bloggy." I'm not trying to be cool, I just couldn't get a decent picture of my thrift store mirror without me in it. Ha. You can read the article here! Can't wait for tonight's event. I'll keep you posted! Pun intended ;)

Design*Sponge is my favorite daily read, I'm so thankful to be included! Thanks Design*Sponge!!

All the updates for now. Back to work. Have a good Thursday!