Street Merch: 47th & 8th - Before & After

I've decided that "Street Merch" is going to be making a weekly appearance here on the blog. I'll decide on a day next week - stay tuned!

Anyways, months ago, I found this Street Merch while I was on my way to look at a Craigslist couch. Roommate Lindsay Ann was going to meet me there. I've had only great experiences with Craigslist furniture finds in New York, but I've always had a buddy. You never know when you'll run into a creeper, and plus, Lindsay Ann is a great furniture buddy, as you may remember from our Street Lamp adventure.

Anyways, I was on my way to meet her and saw this funny retro side table all sad and tumpled over on the side of the street. I instantly loved the wood detail and decided that I needed it. It was deceivingly heavy, but I finally made it to rando-craigslist man's apartment with my new side table in tack.

Here it is before.

And here it is after. I'm sure I could have gone more bloggy & elaborate with the paint, but sometimes you just have to be done thinking about it. And at this point, I was working on a few other projects and needed to be DONE thinking about it. After a light sand, we used leftover Oop's paint from another project to cover my dinged up little wood piece.

And here it is in the space.
Exactly what we needed for this little area.