Street Merch Monday - West 89th Street

So if you were wondering, Street Merch is going to live on Mondays. Street Merch Monday's. I just said it out loud. At my desk. At work. Ahem haaha. Focus Hannah.

I saw this door just the other day and thought it would make clever full sized head board. Might need a small trim off the left side though...

Like this.

Paint would do a lot for this 'headboard'. I envision something monochromatic and sparky. Maybe you paint the whole thing a muted lime green, and then cover the 4 raised rectangles in the green & white hydrangea wrapping paper from Kate's.Or use a gray paint and the middle pattern. Or OR, paint the 'headboard' poppy orange (probably my favorite color) and use this darling Ode to Marimekko pattern. Also from Kate's Paperie.

Could be cute! And cheap!
And very resourceful.