Street Merch Before & After- 89th & Broadway


This accidentally posted last night and was blaring on my reader this morning. Incomplete.
I was saving it for Monday, but oh well. Here it goes.

Found this piece outside of my apartment a while back. Not even sure what it is. A bench? A mini coffee table? And ottoman?


I, unfortunately, had no space for this piece in my room. However, roommate Lindsay Ann did!
So we decided to paint to glossy white.

The Setup: A plastic trash can upside down balancing the ottoman/stool/bench thing.

Weapon of Choice: Rustoleum Primer, Rusteoleum Lacquer white paint and one of those spray paint handle things. Aaaaamazing.

Work in Progress: 1 coat of primer. 1 coat of paint. 1 coat to go.

Lindsay Ann's mom can whip up anything when it comes to fabric. She made this darling cushion to go on the ottoman/bench/stool thing.

And now, the finished product.


Her mom also made those shams, euros and bolster on her bed.

This is what I love about Street Merch, it's about giving furniture with a past a new & bright future. Glad we could find a home for this piece!