The Burton Wedding :: Huntsville Style

A couple of weekends ago, I spent a weekend in Huntsville, Alabama to celebrate the Burton wedding! I could go on and on about things I loved from the weekend. In hopes of you making it through this entire post, I thought I'd limit it to 3 things: Bridesmaid Luncheon, Shari's (Laura's moms) House & The Wedding.

First. The bridesmaid luncheon.

Where: A historical home in Huntsville. Circa 1824. If there was a way to put number in all caps, I would. Is it registering to you that this house was built in 1824??

Observations of this house: It was beautiful. Classic and charming and substantial. The basement housed a giant wood burning fire place that used to be part of the original kitchen. It was actually the first indoor kitchen in the state of Alabama, we learned. The entire downstairs was covered in original cool (in temperature) brick from when the house was built. It kept the whole basement mildly chilly.

The table was perfect and lovely.

Delicious. Darkly stained wood chair and pink and cream ikat upholstery.
Is that ikat? I think it is. Should have asked.


Where: Shari's House.

Observations of this house: Their bungalow gets cuter every time we stop by. Here's a picture of their darling and newly finished kitchen. I have kitchen envy real bad. And if you look to the left of the hydrangeas, you can see Laura, the bride to be!

And a picture of the master bedroom. Right out of House Beautiful.


Where: The Wedding

Observations: Laura's style revolves around natural woods and greenery and her staple dusty teal color. I love this about Laura. And her wedding.

Amazing what wreaths can do.

Oh you know, just some Kate Spade-esque flowers by the guest book.

And some friends.

What a great weekend!