Laura & Ryan Sitting in a tree...

This is my friend Laura.
We lived in the same house in Auburn, Alabama for 2 years in college.
When I think of Laura, I'm reminded of endless amounts of coffee, brownie confections, robins egg blue, textures like burlap and linen, poofs in the back of our pony tails, Anthropologie, New York and felt tip pens.

Laura and Ryan are getting married this weekend, actually in like TWO DAYS!

Oh did I mention she makes cakes? They're beautiful. This girl has a knack for styling - Whether its a cake, or a room, or an outfit, it's always lovely. I was in Birmingham a few weeks ago for some wedding festivities and got to see her adorable bungalow home that she'll share with Ryan once they're married.

This is what I'm talking about. Here's a run of the mill organizational area done in earthy linen's and creams and its adorable.

Early on in college, Ivy and I went home with Laura and got to see her mom's absurdly cute historical (well maybe not technically) home. The first thing we saw, walking up to the house, was a cush little seating area, complete with outdoor lamps and fabrics. Laura's porch area reminds me so much of her mom!

I want a porch.

Check it. This is a chair Laura had in college. She had it re-stuffed, re-covered and shaped to be a touch more modern. How cute is that.

And here they are. Laura & Ryan. Kissing outside of House Number 410.
Can't wait for Saturday!