Street Merch Monday - I mean Tuesday

I met friends at the Grey Dog in the West Village last week.

First - I love Grey Dog. You should go there.

Second - There was a church around the corner doing some major cleaning. We walked up on a huge stash of tables, chairs (like the one below) that they were releasing to the streets!

With a little paint and fabric this chair would be so clean and tidy!

But the best we found was this.

A piano! It was especially mangy. I imagine it lived up in a church attic for years and years but I think that adds character.

Looking at this piano, I have the urge to paint the whole thing in black chalk board paint. What a juxtaposition! And I know I know, there are some that squirm at the thought of painting wood. I'm not one of those people. I think chalkboard paint would be so unexpected!