Twenty Five

I received the most unique birthday surprise for my 25th a few weeks ago.
It was a video. And for no reason in particular, I didn't have a chance to watch the video until last night.

And now I've watched it 36 times and thought I might as well post it.

Introduction: This is my friend Erin. She works here. We went to college together and she is soooo talented. Erin dates Chris. Chris is a musician. And from Texas. Off to a good start.

Here you go:

Now you see why I've watched it 37 times.

It was such a memorable birthday. My parents were in town for a full to the brim weekend. I had sweet phone calls from friends and family living all over the place. And I took Friday off from work. I won't get over dramatic about turning 25, but it really was one of those unique and special birthdays! Thanks to all who made it so!