West 70th Street - Erin's Apartment Restyle

By day, I work in the corporate/creative/crazy world of advertising. As of lately, my time outside the office is spent doing side design and styling projects - some for myself and some for real live clients! My most recent side project adventure was spent helping Erin turn her lackluster one bedroom Upper West Side apartment into a livable and lovely home.

Luckily, she had great bones in place, i.e. a couch, mirrored furniture, coffee table and chairs galore. But her apartment lacked cohesion and warmth. I wanted to bring some personality into the space, as well as amping up the function of the room. A living room can be more than just a living room, and in New York City apartments, multi-function is key.

So here it goes....

Living Room Before - View One:

Living Room After - View One:

Recognize those Salvation Army lamps from Street Merch Monday?

That big round nautical mirror was also from SA. I thought it was a good find!

 All pillows were from Target and Laytners.

Oh my her chair! This was part of the chair + ottoman set I had recovered. Thankfully, the fabric was super affordable from fabric.com. Good thing, because the reupholstering was not :)


 Living Room Before - View Two:

Living Room After - View Two:

Just a glimpse of the Rust Zig Zag rug from West Elm. Can't get enough of that graphic pattern!

The ottoman! I had a fit over that little ottoman.

Below is a mirrored piece of furniture Erin previously owned. I did some minor sprucing...

Notice that Snow & Graham calendar? Erin will be able to refresh her framed art with the arrival of each new month. 

 Living Room Before - View Three:

Living Room After - View Three:

I picked up the two frames below from Housing Works. Their before and after was featured on coffee break craft this week!

 The table skirt is still a work in progress. Don't judge. Fabric was $5 a yard steal from fabric.com.

That is the main room. Bedroom is up next!