Street Merch Monday: 70th & Columbus

I'd like to re-enact what happened while I was leaving Erin's apartment the other night. I was on the phone with my mom when it all went down. I present todays Street Merch as a visual reference for you:


Hannah: Well I just had my final meeting with Erin and it went really great!

Mom: Oh good! I can't wait to see more pictures. I'm glad everything worked out! What are you doing now?

Hannah: Me too! Oh, I'm just walking home and wait..... what is.... hold on mom...

Mom: What is it?

Hannah: Well I think... hold on, let me move the bags of trash...

Mom: What???

Hannah: Street Merch.

Mom: Oh. What is it?? Can you take a picture?

Hannah: Yea. Hold on, let me just get this bag of trash moved over. Sick. Ok. It's a retro looking bar cart. Or a really crazy overhead projector cart thing. Hm. Shoot. Should I get it?

Mom: Well?? Maybe. Do you see a cab?

Hannah: No. I have to get it, don't I? Ughhhhhhhh.

(At this point, my mom is dying laughing at me. These Street Merch phone exchanges happen all the time between us.)

Mom: Hahaaaa. Just get a cab! 

(I rustle around and end up manhandling the cart.)

Hannah: Well now I've picked it up and am walking down the street. Damn Street Merch. I feel RIDICULOUS!!!

Mom: Hahahahahahahahahahaha

Hannah: Why do I always do this?! I look like a freak carrying this cart under my arm, down the street, in the freezing cold, while I'm on the phone.

Mom: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa

Hannah: Good grief. TAXI! gottagoloveyoubye!!!

And here it is. An absolutely rank little cart, packed into the back of a cab with me. The cab driver wasn't thrilled. Doesn't look like much now. In fact, I'm kinda getting grossed out looking at that picture - but just WAIT for the transformation. I've got a good feeling about it. 

**Honestly - this is the precedent most of my Street-Merch-finds follow. I never expect it. I'm usually in the middle of doing something else. And I'm often on the phone with my mom.

***And sometimes I cuss. I'm sorry I said damn. But sometimes, it's just called for.