West 70th - Erin's Restyle Part two

And now for the rest of Erin's 1 bedroom apartment restyle. Her bedroom was really fun to pull together. Being a small room with high ceilings, it lent itself to a clean and simple look. 

Here is the 'hallway' before:

Hallway After:

I will always love desks and bookshelves as sofa tables. Adds a good chunk of function to any room.

Here is the bedroom before:


See, told you it's simple. I found that headboard at Salvation Army of all places! BRAND NEW. Still in its packaging from Pottery Barn! You can find it online for $800, I purchased it for $150. Done deal.

I also had big plans to use my repurposed end tables on either side of her bed. But plans change when things don't fit! So instead, I tried them at the end of her bed where they were just right. The lines of those little tables almost mirror the lines of the headboard.

We pulled together new bedding from a hodge podge of different places.

Goodness that headboard is fab! I almost kept it for myself!

Finally, her living space and bedroom are cohesive, warm and lovely. Whew! Honestly - I'm relieved we're finished. Erin was so patient with the process and my randomly scheduled deliveries from Salvation Army and upholsterers! I'm proud of the end product and ready for the next project.

What a learning experience it was!