I've been dreaming-

About how I'm going to mesh my style with Brooklyn Boy's. I'll move into his Brooklyn digs once we get married, and right now, it is ALL boy. Which I totally love. Think deer heads, antlers, leather and dark wood furniture. I'm excited about the challenge of combining our two very different looks - his more rustic and man, mine more mod and traditional. The below image from Design*Sponge  is certainly heading in the right direction!

I LOVE the striped black and white rug, the loud Ikat patterned couch and the elk/ram/deer (whatever it is) head in the middle of the painting collage. What a tidy little juxtaposition! I've probably been dreaming too much about our soon to be home, but it's just so fun!

Also! I just want to put this on your radar, we'll be having our 2nd Giveaway with a purpose this Friday! How in the world have 2 months already passed since our last giveaway?? Geez! I'm back, though, and I'll be talking about 100cameras on Friday - stay tuned!