Today's 1 through 10

1- Number of day's its been beautiful in New York! Feels like fall!!

2 - The hour (eastern time zone) when the Nate Show airs tomorrow October, 6th. AH!

3 - The number of times I've filled my monogramed Turvis Tumbler with water yesterday.

4 - Amount of social media platforms my group of college friends use. Group Me. Twitter. Google Group. Blogger.

5 - The number of hours Brooklyn Boy and I sat in the Brooklyn ER after I passed out on the subway last week.

6 - Amount of dark chocolate covered almonds I ate at small group on Monday.

7 - The number of months until I become Mrs. Brooklyn Boy

8 - The minutes it took me to dry my hair this morning. Only when its curly! Random fact for ya!

9 - The number of months I've been dating Brooklyn Boy

10 - Hours in the drive that Brooklyn Boy and I will be making with best friend Ivy and husband Drew after our friend Turner's wedding! Going from Mobile, AL to Dallas!