Little bit of this, little bit of that

Hello Street Merch and random thoughts Wednesday! Walked by this piece on my way to work yesterday -

Didn't pick it up (it was huge!) but I thought it was interesting. I can see it freshly painted and filled with white towels in a bathroom? If only I had a bathroom that would fit something this large . .

Next up. LOOK what I saw at Anthropologie last night - antler bottle openers!! I think they were $28? I mean, WHAT a cute wedding gift?! But unfortunately I can't find it on their website! Ah!

Oh! Did I mention that my mom, sister, aunt and grandmother were in town this weekend? Here's a nutshell recap: Shopping, cupcakes and banana pudding from Magnolia, taxis, brunch at Good Enough to Eat and Georgia's, Concretes at Shake Shack, Pio Pio for dinner with Brooklyn Boy and the ladies, Sak's & Bloomingdales, wedding shoes!, walking, talking, Follies, and lots of laughing! Here we are in Time Square -

I've just recovered from the busyness of the weekend and am now gearing up for a big 13 Auburn Friends Wedding Weekend, because Turner's getting married!!!

Sweet Turner is marrying Forrest in Fairhope, Alabama and I'm so thrilled/excited/can hardly wait to get there!! The above photo is by Jessica Rawlings, from the last wedding we were at, who I'm thrilled to mention, will be our wedding photographer :)

And lastly on my hodge podge (hope you can keep up!) post - have you seen the deal that Bitsy Bug is doing today??

I love the idea of having things printed on canvas!! I think I might get a picture of Brooklyn Boy and I printed through this. Shh.... don't tell him! Go HERE for the deal.