What I'm Learning Now

Happy Wednesday!

Y'all, I am sleeeeepy this morning. Brooklyn Boy and I got back Monday night from a whirlwind wedding & planning weekend in Dallas. I think we accomplished a lot! We were able to talk through sooooo many details that you just can't hash through on the phone. We looked at the church & reception place through the lens of OUR wedding, which made us really really excited. We had Sonic drinks as much as we could. We sat in my parents backyard in the warm Texas October weather while it snowed in New York. It was a great weekend!

Look at this goofy picture of us at my church :) Gotta love dad - always ready for an iphone picture!

I have some take aways after this weekend. In the spirit of transparency, here's what I'm learning through this wedding planning process:

- I have to occasionally fight off jealousy when I see couples dating & getting married in the same city where their families live.

- I really love Pinterest. How would you possibly organize your visual thoughts before it!?

- I need to work on being flexible and positive when plans change. Because plans do change. All the time. So is life!

- I can always stand to be more thankful.

- I love driving and Tex-Mex and Target. It's the little things, you know?

Sooo yes. Thats what I'm learning. I'd love to hear from y'all!! If you've been engaged - what advice do you have for Miss. Trying-To-Figure-It-Out-Over-Here? Or what did you learn from this time in your life? Overall its been GREAT - but I'm not fooled, being engaged is a transition, especially for home girl over here who never dated anyone before Brooklyn Boy and kinda wondered if marriage was even in the cards! But thats a post for another time.

I should have posted this in the Bells section. Whoops.

Oh! While we're talking about learning, if you'd like instructions on how to recover a chair or lamp shade (as seen on the Nate show), I talk about it on Nates site right here!

I'm sure thats enough from me! Hope you're having a good day!