Hello hello! I'm making a few adjustments here and there on the blog. You may have noticed I've got a SERVICES tab up and running, as well as a MENTIONS tab, which stores all past Nate episodes and shout outs.

Take a look if you have a chance!

Y'all, we did a SERIOUS bathroom overhaul this weekend at Brooklyn Boys apartment. Unfortunately though, I committed a major blogger faux pas and didn't do the best job of documenting the process. But hey, isn't that more real life?! We spent about $100 and it looks worlds better! I've got pictures coming soon! Just need to steal them off my handyman's iphone :)

OH! And, I've gotta say - I got some of the sweetest engagment advice from some of you. Thanks for taking time to send me a note! I'll post all the great tips I got. Y'all are the best!

This is such a hodge podge post. Oh my.