The After

I'm laughing at myself as I put this post together. Most of you normal city/suburb dwellers are going to gawk at the after. Not in a "WHOA that's amazing!!!" kind of a way. More of a "Um... did you change anything at all??" To our little New York City tiny apartment eyes, the change was VERY dramatic!!!

Now, although I'm not moving into Brooklyn Boy's apartment until we get married, there's no reason we can't make a few changes right now! These were my hang ups: One teal blue wall, a general feeling of dinginess, bad lighting and an uninteresting sink & mirror.

Here's the before:


And here is the after! Sorry about the iphone picture, promise I'm working on that!

We snagged a rustic looking frame BB had hanging in the hallway and bought a $25 piece of mirror to go in it. Viola! A new mirror!

We also bought this darling Hampton Bay Brushed Nickel Oudoor Cottage Lantern - $31.97 from Home Depot.

This lantern sums up the combination of my style with Brooklyn Boy's - Modern Cottage. Love this little fixture! Poor Brooklyn Boy, though - that thing was a PAIN to rewire. But, now it looks great!

We also doused the bathroom in Behr's Paint & Primer in One Ultra White paint. The paint comes in ultra white before its tinted and we used it as is - surprisingly, I loved how it turned out! We also painted the wood cabinet that holds the sink. SO much better, right? Whoops. We're missing a new handle in this picture. Ha!

The above picture also shows one of my favorite things about the bathroom. The grout. Check out that nice white to gray fade we've got going on here. We've got plans for that, don't you worry.

Oh! We recreated a project I saw on pinterest! Here's the adorable pinterest image:

Dang I need a new camera. Here is a project that did. I showed Brooklyn Boy. We totally needed this in his bathroom. Here's our after!!

Good grief, my pictures are so awful. Anyways. This was the easiest project. We painted a piece of leftover scrap wood. Grabbed 5 mason jars out of BB's stash. Drilled 5 wholes equidistant apart. Used the metal plumbing thingys that we picked up at Home Depot and assembled!

That's about it! I feel bad I don't have more pictures to share - lesson learned, DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!!! But I think you get the idea! I'm sure I'll have more projects to show you as we approach our May wedding & future boy+girl living situation.