It's been a while!

Hope I haven't lost all of you!

How were your holidays??

Mine were.... full!

Brooklyn Boy and I started the week by flying to Mobile, Alabama for dear friend Turner's wedding. It was an extroidnarily southern affair filled with bay houses, crab cakes and auburn / alabama rivalries. Here's most of our group after the rehearsal dinner. We all look tired - lots of dancing!

From there, Brooklyn Boy and I drove back to Dallas with my best friend Ivy and her husband Drew. We alternated napping and talking while the boys drove and stopped somewhere in Louisiana for BBQ. It was delish.

11 hours later, we made it to Dallas and got to spend a couple of days with my family. We also had a little side project to work on for an upcoming Nate Berkus segment. Keep it on the DL, but here's the before picture.... You'll have to wait for the 13th for the episode reveal!

After Dallas, we drove to Tulsa, OK to spend time with some of Brooklyn Boy's family. I don't know if it was the duck hunting every morning or our Elk sighting on our drive back to Dallas that got this country-mouse-in-the-city most excited :) So funny to see him go from a city boy to a wild man in such a short amount of time. I love it - keeps me on my toes! I was going to post a picture of some ducks he shot, then I thought, Ew gross. Why would I do that???

You're welcome.

Next up! I had a special visitor mid week! She actually just left yesterday. And I can't tell exactly you why she was up in New York from Tuesday - Thursday, but I can give you a little hint. It has something to do with the hutch mentioned above..... !!!!!!

Whats next on the docket?? Brooklyn Boy and I have a handful of FUN projects coming up. Look at this piece he picked up the other day from our favorite thrift store -

It was $14. It's 2 pieces, and he snagged the bottom piece. The glass on top made me feel like we're underwater. No thank you. We have big plans for this piece! I'll give you updates as we progress, as well as video updates! Thats something we're going to start including here on the blog - I've got a How To video coming soon.

And lastly. Look at this pitiful Street Merch. Makes you kinda sad, doesn't it! I didn't pick it up, but just wanted to let you know that Street Merch is STILL out there!!

And I'm still here! More fun stuff coming your way soon :)