christmas color!

It's been a full and somewhat overwhelming week! But I'm guessing a lot of people are feeling that way. There's so much to be hopeful and expectant about but then again there is so much that bogs you down and stresses you out. So today's light little post is about a few colors that have added some perk to my step this week!

Lets get to the really important stuff first :) My favorite nail color of all time, thanks to my co-worker Bridget.

I know this sounds girly and ridiculous, but a great $10 manicure has the same sparky influence on me as the Lipstick Effect. I'm serious people!! I don't want to sound vain, but sometimes looking a little better makes you FEEL a little better.

Go get yourself some 5th Avenue Red by Essie: A stylish and creamy red-orange blend, they say! I'm telling ya', it's Kate Spade in a nail polish bottle.

Next, I recently completed another segment for the Nate Show. (Thanks for having me back guys!) I'm not going to tell you much quite yet, except that I was inspired by this picture from the lovely Atlantic Pacific blog:


And chose these Behr Paint & Primer in One colors to complete my rendition of those stripes -


Unfortunately though, I'm not sure that the punch of all three of these colors is really registering on the computer screen. Go check it out in real life! Great poppy red, rich royal blue and a warm white.