how to survive your first NYC fire

1. Wake up in the middle of the night smelling smoke as your roommate busts into your bedroom calmly but sternly saying yelling "The fire alarm is going off and there is smoke in the foyer!"

2. Throw the covers back. Put on shoes (Uggs) and jacket. Grab iphone. Check for any last uber-valuable things. Engagement ring securely on ring finger. CHECK!

3. Yell for roommates to get their behinds out of bed and down the fire escape.

4. Holler at last roommate who is still in her room gather things (her Louis).

5. RUN down the fire escape stairs using our flashlights iphones.

6. Make sure to cover your nose and mouth upon nearing floors 4 and below. The smoke will get THICK.

7. Continue to follow roommate Bethany downstairs (I attribute her crisis leadership skills to having a brother in law who's a fire fighter) and wonder who she's yelling at when she starts loudly proclaiming "WE'RE HERE! WE'RE HERE!!"

8. Scurry through final cloud of smoke and into the presence of the a million New York City Fire Fighters and Police Officers.

9. Stand a safe distance from the building and bakery, where the fire allegedly started and watch fire fighters axe their way through all the walls of the bakery.

10. Observe your neighbors in their pajamas as they observe you in yours.

11. Marvel that this could have been SO much worse and make a giant mental note to make sure we have Renters Insurance.

12. Eventually make your way back up to the 9th floor with firefighter escorts. Open every window in apartment 9A to help relive the horrible stench of smoke.

15. Wake up the next morning with a headache, sore throat and a heart full of thankfulness.