i can sew!!! and the berkus.

Well kind of.  I was pretty inspired after a cute friend of mine made these insanely amazing upholsterd chairs AND I had a long standing date with a Brooklyn girl friend of mine to sew - so I was destined to learn at some point! I decided that 2 Christmas stockings for the future Mr. & Mrs. Brooklyn Boy would be a manageable first project. 

First Stop: Salvation Army

I bought a large womens plaid jacket (because I LOVED the plaid) and a burlap looking womens skirt.

Here we are mid project...

And here's one of the finished stockings!!

I'll snap some pictures of the pair this weekend, but I loved how perfectly imperfect they turned out! What do you think!

Also - have a fun little Nate segment airing next Tuesday, December 13th, if you'd like to watch! Check here for local listings and times!