Street Merch Monday :: Hodge Podge

Remember the Street Merch bar cart from a few weeks ago? I made big progress on it this weekend! Unfortuantely, it's not quite ready for it's big reveal. I primed and primed and primed. And stoped by Home Depot after brunch to pick up paint. Yes we do have Home Depot's in the city. My dad taught me to LOVE hardware stores. So my occasional juants through the Home Depot aisles make me feel sane. Maybe thats weird?

I went the navy route, and let me tell you. It looks good! Stay tuned!

Also! I was on my way home from Brooklyn last night with a few friends and we stubled upon these little chairs! They are in great shape, aside from seats.

Sorry about the anticlimactic nature of today's Street Merch Monday :)

It's a beautiful and warm 40 degrees in the city. It's got me all distracted. Happy Monday!