Next Up: The Desk

Not totally sure what I think of my new desk concotion. Technically, I live in the 'dining room' of our apartment. Within my room, there is one set of double doors leading to the living room, 1 swinging door, and 1 front door.  You'd think there'd be a closet behind one of these doors, but no. There isn't a closet or any hidden storage for that matter. I'll show you my closet situation/solution later in the week!

For now, we can talk about my desk. It sits in front of the double doors - that I don't exactly love. So I've hung drop cloth curtains, yes again, from a tension rod stationed at the top of the door frame. Then decided my necklaces needed to hang in front of that. Who knows what I was really thinking.

Honestly, I can't decide what I think about this. Am I really clever? Or just really tacky?! You tell me. But be sweet :)

There is something charming about all the bright necklaces hanging together.

And my desk chair! It's a street merch chair I found way back when. I used some of the remaining Waverly fabric I had ordered from I'll find any excuse to use that fabric!

Let me know what you think about my curtain/desk area!