Street Merch: Plano, Texas

Fairly often, I get asked if you can find Street Merch in places other than Manhattan. The answer.... YES!

Melissa & Debbie, a high school friend of mine and her mom, proved exactly that! They found this dresser sitting on the side of the road after a family was moving our of their house in Plano, Texas. Doesn't its just look Texas to you? It does to me!

Melissa and I took art classes together in High School and were both on the drill team. And we have the same hair. I WISH I had a drill team picture of us from high school. Do you know what that is? We were a dance team of 75 girls who performed during halftime at Football & Basketball games. We wore sequined leotards, sequined skirts, sequined cowboy hats and white cowboy boots. I kid you not. I've got to find a picture. Crazy enough, those outfits were pretty normal for dance teams in Texas! It's only living in New York that I realize how special we must have looked :)

Thanks Martin ladies for sharing your suburban street merch find!