Peg Board & Giveaways!

Happy Friday! I have a room update for you and a little news.

First. I finally finished (is there such a thing?) revamping my room. Do you remember my feeble attempts at making sense of the 2 French doors in my room? I tried hanging a curtain. No go. Tried hanging a canvas with art on it. No way. Tried hanging necklaces to distract the eye. Nada.

Thankfully, after a creative call with my Texas based design consultant (i.e. My Mom) we found a solution. She suggested peg board!

So I grabbed my Brooklyn based "Make-It-Happen" boy and headed to Home Depot.

I'm sure he loves that I'm posting this picture :)

The guys at Home Depot cut the board down to the size I needed.

I left the peg board as is - I'm a fan of its brown texture.

After a little measuring, Brooklyn Boy screwed two small hooks into the top of the door frame.

We placed the pegboard on the 2 hooks and went to town hanging things.

Well, quickly, we ran out of all of our hooks and knobs. Because we're thrifty and BB is so capable, he crafted additional hooks and knobs and hanging mechanisms. He set up shop on my radiator. Oh, life in New York.

And the finished result!

Lamp on.

Lamp off.

I always lean towards juxtaposing items that don't typically go together. Hence the mix of necklaces, earrings, plates, frames and fabric covered wood (I was an art major in college).

The board is always evolving too - I have a slue of wedding invitations that I just tacked up there!

And here's my little bit of news - We'll be having our first Giveaway next Friday, August 19th! I can't wait to tell you more about it.