end of week update!

I'ts been a busyyyyyy couple of weeks!

Brother came to town last weekend. We had the best time - grilled out in the park during the Bon Iver show, ate Mexican, walked across the Manhattan bridge, spent lots of time with Brooklyn Boy. I don't look like an overbearing older sister at all in this picture.


Mom was in town Monday through Thursday - Tuesday was a BIG day - I'll tell you more about it in a few weeks. She was just a dream to have in town this week. Don't know how I would have gotten anything done without her!

Now, sister and her boyfriend, we'll call him Mr. Plano Man, are visiting for the weekend! Last night we were walking home from dinner and spotted these babies in a sketchy looky ally.

Matching lamp bases!

I need those matching lamp bases.

What I don't need, are rats. HUGE gross New York City (I'm going to throw up) mingling with my matching lamp bases.

Thankfully, we had Plano Man there to brave the rats - all for the sake of lamps.

Mr. Plano Man - this is what us Flora girls do. We find street merch. Get the vision of its repurpose. And make nicely ask our boyfriends and husbands carry the heavy loads. Welcome to the family.

I'm going to take advantage of sister's creativity while she's here - and while we're potentially flooded in because of the hurricane. What?!