His & Her Bench Update

I say His & Her, because WAIT until you see the fabric! To refresh your memory - here's what we started with. A bench that Brooklyn Boy snagged from his mom - here is the before:

And painted. . .

Measuring out our foam . . .

Problem Solving at its best. Because of the orientation of the birds on the fabric we chose, we had to turn our large cushion into 2 cushions so the fabric would fit.

It's getting there! We're still tweaking the craftsmanship of our cushions - the pulling on the left side irks me.

And here's the bench in its current state!

It's still a work in progress - we want to add nail head trim and final coat of poly to the wood. There's tweaking here and there we still need to do.

And I say His & Her Bench because if you look closely, you can see the the birds are different. We decided one was a boy and one was a girl! Two lovebirds! Too much? I'm getting carried away......


But thats the update! We're still debating selling it vs. not selling it. What do you think??