I think I'm still coming down from the fun intensity of the earthquake / hurricane / birthday / engagement / entire family in town weekend! I keep relieving it in my head!

Anyways, I've got some housekeeping to tend to - both in life and on the blog!

I'll bullet point it for both our sakes:

  • I added a Q & A tab. It's kinda fluffy right now, only had time to put a few frequently asked questions on there. What are your thoughts? Add more questions? What kind? Help!
  • I'm thinking about adding adding a wedding tab . . . Is that overkill? I figure, I've been following wedding blogs for years, even though marriage has been far off the radar! But I always loved them for their "here's how to throw a really fun party!" details and DIY projects. I'm thinking about taking that approach to a wedding tab. You can let me know what you think about that one too.
  • It's officially fall in the North East. People are whipping out their furs and parkas like its winter. I slept with my window open and air conditioner off. Love it.
  • Have another filming tomorrow for that secret thing I can't quite tell you about. Promise to have updates for you in the next couple of weeks. 
  • Bought Norma, my future dog, the most darling collar off of a shop on Etsy. It's plaid and Brooklynish and just girly enough. Poor thing has been wearing camo for the past year. 
  • Work was a whirlwind last week and I'm just remembering that Brooklyn Boy met me at work with flowers and a Snickers bar. (I love Snickers. So does my sister) I hope I told him how sweet that was. I can't remember.

Thats all. Happy Friday! Whats going on in your world?